Yamaha YZF-R6 2018

  • Yamaha YZF-R6 2018
  • Yamaha YZF-R6 2018

Pret: 13.990 Eur

Rafinat. Reproiectat. Remarcabil.

YZF-R6 este o legendă! Atât pe stradă, cât şi pe pista de curse, prin cele 3 titluri câştigate la Campionatul Mondial Supersport în anii din urmă. Pilotaţi acest model de curse proiectat pentru Moto GP şi intraţi în incitanta lume Yamaha. LUMEA R!

Prezentând un carenaj aerodinamic de dată recentă şi un aspect agresiv care împrumută toate caracteristicile ADN-ului de rasă pură al seriei R de la Yamaha, noul YZF-R6 este aici.

Cu sistemele sale electronice avansate şi cu aerodinamica de ultimă generaţie, YZF-R6 oferă performanţe supersport extreme, dar şi un control absolut.


  • YZF-R6 cu design de serie R de ultimă generaţie
  • Parte frontală agresivă, cu lumini de poziţie cu LED duale
  • Carenaj faţă şi parbriz cu eficienţă aerodinamică
  • TCS comutabil, cu 6 poziţii
  • Sistem cu schimbare rapidă (Quick Shift System), pentru schimbări în trepte superioare de viteză fără ambreiaj
  • YCC-T, YCC-I, ABS de curse şi D-Mode
  • Furcă faţă de 43 mm, de tip YZF-R1
  • Discuri faţă duble de 320 mm cu etriere radiale
  • Poziţie de pilotaj îmbunătăţită, pentru un control accentuat
  • Şasiu spate extraplat din magneziu turnat sub presiune CF
  • Rezervor de combustibil uşor, de 17 litri, din aluminiu
  • Motor DOHC de 599 cm3, cu 4 cilindri şi 4 supape



Refined. Redesigned. Remarkable.

With over 160,000 units sold in Europe - and having won the World Supersport Championship 3 times in the last 7 years - the YZF-R6 is on the record as being one of the most popular and extreme supersport bikes that Yamaha have ever built. Light, agile and fast, this iconic 600cc model is the number one choice with today's go-getting thrill seekers who are looking to progress quickly through the supersport ranks.

To underline the company's total commitment to the supersport segment - which remains a key ingredient in Yamaha's sporty, race bred DNA - the leading Japanese manufacturer will introduce a radically styled new YZF-R6 for 2017, that has been created using some of the latest YZF-R1 derived chassis technology together with cutting edge electronics.

With newly developed low-drag bodywork and an aggressive look that bears all the characteristics of Yamaha's thoroughbred R-series DNA, the new YZF-R6 has arrived.

Racing is ouR World. Welcome to R WORLD.

With every YZF-R series model there comes an open invitation to enter ouR World, and the chance to become an integral part of one of the most exclusive clubs in the supersport category.

In ouR World, racing and winning is a way of life that is deeply embedded within our DNA. In ouR World, every YZF supersport model can trace its lineage straight back to our MotoGP-winning YZR-M1 race bike. And in ouR World we believe in giving everybody the opportunity to experience the real meaning of supersport performance.

No other manufacturer is able to offer such a broad choice of high-tech supersport models from 125cc through to 1,000cc. From the YZF-R1M through to the YZF-R1, YZF-R6, YZF-R3 and YZF-R125, each R-series model is designed and manufactured using the most sophisticated race-bred technology.

R WORLD is open to every rider who appreciates the value of Yamaha's race winning heritage and renowned technical expertise. And R WORLD enables YZF-R series owners the chance to unlock their true riding potential on the street and track.

OuR World is here. R WORLD is now.

2017 YZF-R6

Iconic M1-inspired design with next generation control

The YZF-R6 has always been at the very forefront of extreme supersport design. Over a decade on from its debut, the current model is still one of the most dynamic looking bikes in its class, and has attracted an intensely loyal and dedicated following.

For 2017 Yamaha have completely restyled this iconic middleweight supersport bike, and the YZF-R6 adopts a radical new look that is clearly inspired by the latest generation YZF-R1. With its M1-type central forced air intake and recessed LED twin headlights, the bike's aggressive face and glaring looks make sure that it's instantly recognizable as being a member of the R-series family.

To accentuate its intimidating presence, the new YZF-R6 is equipped with slim position lights that give a real lifelike quality and almost animalistic persona to the dynamic face. The style and location of these position lights project a thrilling appearance that, while clearly R-family, conveys a clearly defined YZF-R6 image.

The next generation R-series DNA is evident in the sharp bodywork, whose array of side ducts and flowing horizontal lines gives a cross-layered design that emphasize the bike's aerodynamic excellence. A new YZF-R1 style tail reinforces the race-bred styling, and although the forceful supersport looks have been clearly inspired by the flagship YZF-R1, the YZF-R6 has its own unique character and profile.

Most efficient YZF-R6 aerodynamics

Yamaha's supersport design team are constantly working to achieve higher levels of performance in every area, and the 2017 YZF-R6 is equipped with a new front cowl and windscreen with the most efficient aerodynamics ever featured on this model.

The low drag front fairing has been developed using some of the key elements from the YZF-R1, and the latest design gives a significant improvement of 8% in aerodynamic efficiency. As well as the redesigned front cowl and screen, the bike's new LED flashers are incorporated within the rear view mirrors to reduce turbulence and drag.

Sophisticated electronic control technology

The YZF-R6 was one of the first motorcycles to adopt advanced electronics that ensure precision control, including the Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) and Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake (YCC-I). To give an even higher degree of controllability in a wide range of conditions, the YZF-R6 is equipped with an advanced Traction Control System (TCS) that is adjusted by a switch on the handlebars.

Recognizing that the YZF-R6 appeals to a wide range of performance-minded riders with different skill and experience levels, the new TCS features 6 levels of selectable intervention, as well as an OFF function. The TCS's intelligent software is designed to ensure that there is no unnatural feeling when it intervenes, and the system also compensates for rear tyre wear to give consistent performance. 

The YZF-R6 also comes equipped with a new Quick Shift System (QSS) that gives faster gear changing. This system is similar to the design used on the YZF-R1, and instantly cancels drive torque when an upshift is detected - enabling full throttle clutchless upshifts for outstanding acceleration through the close ratio 6-speed transmission.

YZF-R1 type 43mm front forks

It's not just the aggressive YZF-R1 inspired face that reinforces the bike's close links with the flagship supersport model, because the 2017 YZF-R6 is also equipped with new KYB upside down forks from the YZF-R1. This high specification front suspension features large diameter 43mm tubes - compared to 41mm on the previous model - to give a more planted feel, particularly during braking and cornering. The front wheel axle is also increased in diameter to 25mm for optimized handling.

The high specification forks offer a full range of adjustability that allows the rider to dial in their suspension - and together with the newly designed adjustable KYB rear shock, the YZF-R6 chassis can be set up to achieve precise and responsive handling performance to match different conditions.

320mm diameter YZF-R1 type front brakes

The new YZF-R6 also benefits from the use of a YZF-R1 type radial front brake system that is one of the most advanced systems fitted to any production Yamaha. Dual 320mm discs are equipped with aluminium 4-pot opposed piston calipers to give outstanding feel together with remarkable stopping power.

Slimline magnesium rear subframe

Rider mobility is a key factor in achieving a high level of handling agility and precision, and the YZF-R6 is fitted with a newly designed seat and rear subframe that allow the rider to shift their body weight quickly and easily. Manufactured from strong and light CF die-cast magnesium, the subframe is 20mm narrower at the front, allowing the rider to tuck in more closely to the tank for improved aerodynamics.

The seat is the same height as the current model, but has a gentler upwards angle towards the rear to give increased freedom of movement.

Lightweight aluminium fuel tank

Another significant change for 2017 is the fitment of a beautifully designed fuel tank that offers a number of important advantages over the previous model's design. Manufactured from aluminium, this lightweight streamlined tank features deep knee recesses that enable the rider to grip the bike firmly and find an ideal position to match their physique and riding style.

Yamaha have used a special Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) welding technology in order to create the new tank's sculpted shape, and the construction features a combination of tightly sealed robotic welds that are completed by skilled welders to give an exclusive handcrafted finish. Weighing 1.2 kg less that the steel equivalent - and giving an improved riding position that offers greater freedom of movement for quick weight transfer entering and leaving bends - this premium quality fuel tank underlines the YZF-R6's class-leading specification.

Enhanced riding position

The combination of the new fuel tank, together with a new slimmer subframe and the new seat design has created an improved riding position that is designed to give riders a greater feeling of control on the street and track.

The 20mm slimmer centre 'waist' section gives improved ergonomics and easier leg reach to the ground - while the seat and sculpted aluminium tank's deep knee recesses permit the rider to mould their body shape more closely to the bike. The result is a harmonious riding position that gives more freedom of movement for efficient body weight shifting. This in turn allows the rider to fully exploit the higher levels of handling, braking and acceleration delivered by the new forks, front discs and electronic control technology.

R-series instrumentation

Developed from the design featured on the YZF-R1, the new instrument display features an analogue style tachometer and digital speedometer with a multi function display includes TCS and ABS status.


New YZF-R6 Key Features

Next generation R-series design

Iconic YZF-R1 inspired face

Pure race-bred DNA for class-leading style and performance

Best ever YZF-R6 aerodynamics

Sophisticated electronic control technology

6 level TCS to suit changing riding conditions

QSS for faster full throttle clutchless upshifts

43mm YZF-R1 type front forks with YZF-R6 specific settings

320mm diameter YZF-R1 type front brakes with radial 4-pot calipers

Slimline magnesium rear sub frame

New angled seat

Lightweight aluminium fuel tank

Enhanced riding position


EU4 compliant


YZF-R6 Technical Highlights

599cc, 67mm x 42.5mm liquid-cooled, 4-valve DOHC, 4-stroke, 4-cylinder

Forged aluminum pistons, 13.1:1 compression ratio

Titanium intake/exhaust valves

Air Induction System and Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake (YCC-I)

Twin-injector Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T)

Slipper clutch

Close-ratio 6-speed transmission

Magnesium head and case covers

EXUP valves contributing to excellent torque characteristics

Titanium exhaust silencer

Aluminum frame and swingarm

Specificatii Tehnice


Engine type

liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, forward-inclined parallel 4-cylinder, 4-valves



Bore x stroke

67.0 mm x 42.5 mm

Compression ratio

13.1 : 1

Maximum power

87.1 kW (118.4PS) @ 14,500 rpm

Limited power version


Maximum Torque

61.7 Nm (6.3 kg-m) @ 10,500 rpm

Lubrication system

Wet sump

Clutch Type

Wet, Multiple Disc


Fuel Injection

Ignition system


Starter system


Transmission system

Constant Mesh, 6-speed

Final transmission


Fuel consumption


CO2 emission




Aluminium Deltabox

Front suspension system

Telescopic forks, Ø 43 mm

Front travel

120 mm

Caster Angle



97 mm

Rear suspension system

Swingarm, (link suspension)

Rear Travel

120 mm

Front brake

Hydraulic dual disc, Ø 320 mm

Rear brake

Hydraulic single disc, Ø 220 mm

Front tyre

120/70 ZR17M/C (58W) Tubeless

Rear tyre

180/55 ZR17M/C (73W) Tubeless


Overall length

2,040 mm

Overall width

695 mm

Overall height

1,150 mm

Seat height

850 mm

Wheel base

1,375 mm

Minimum ground clearance

130 mm

Wet weight (including full oil and fuel tank)

190 kg

Fuel tank capacity

17 litres

Oil tank capacity

3.4 litres